Friday, March 7, 2014

what's been going on...

Well, the staycation is over, and we've been back to school for two weeks.  I'm so very glad it's Friday, this has been a long week.  It sure seems like more than 5 days.  Although, when I looked at my work calendar, I realized that is was the first week since January that I worked all five days.  Between vacation, 2 snow days, and 2 sick days, I wasn't there a whole week.  
One of those sick days was for a blood transfusion, it was my first.  The chemo made my blood count really low and I was feeling really crappy, headaches, trouble breathing (more than usual), and being exhausted.  Apparently I was super pale too, as many people commented on my better color in the days following.
Blood transfusion selfie

It's a long slow process
Last week was a non-chemo week and after Tuesday's transfusion, I felt better, so much better that we went out both Friday and Saturday nights.  By going out, I mean we went out to dinner with the fam on Friday and were home by 10, and went to friends on Saturday for dinner and games.  It was a great weekend.
The weather is has been brutal.  It's been so, so cold, yesterday as I was doing some errands, everywhere I went people commented on the weather.  
This was last week, it's March yo, it's time to warm up
My friend Krysten who I worked with at the group home came to visit me this week, and brought cookies, peanut butter with chocolate chips, I meant to take a picture, but I was too busy eating them.  I have such a sweet tooth, I can't turn away homemade baked goods, ever.

Why is it that your body and brain can be so tired, yet you (I) lay in bed unable to sleep at 1 am?  When I lay in bed not sleeping, I start thinking and all sleep goes out the window.  Last night, I laid there not sleeping for about 2 hours.  What do you do when you can't sleep?
My birthday is this month :)  I love my birthday.  I consider the whole month of March my birthday.  I've already been saying that I'm a year older, I do that so I don't forget.
I have book club tonight, I'm hoping the fever monster stays away so I can gossip discuss the book with my girlfriends.  
I signed up to lead Tutus for Tata's in 2014's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and have set some high fundraising goals, I hope my team is up for the task..
Stuart attacking my feet

Happy March!


  1. I'm up for it. Can't wait. Well, I can because that will mean summer is over and another school year has begun.

  2. I don't know many people with a blood transfusion selfie. I've had a long, long week too, and mine was only 4 days. ...unexpected day off on Monday due to getting stuck in the middle of an ice storm. The weather has just been the worst...finally going to see it in the 50s and maybe even 60s for a couple of days...I will take it!!

  3. That sucks that you had to get a transfusion but I'm so glad you felt energized afterwards! My aunt had to get them every once in a while, but she always said she felt way better afterwards. Hopefully no more winter for you all too! Our weather has been very bipolar lately... It feels great today so we'll probably have an ice storm later this week ;)

  4. So glad the transfusion has left you feeling better! I had that same So tired but can't sleep phenomenon last night. Sucks.