Monday, September 8, 2014

Meal Planning Menu Monday

Since school has started again, I realize I need to be more organized and plan ahead. I was really good at meal planning before, but then I had a rough six months of chemo and everything I knew went out the window. I was just trying to survive. This all came about from the new chemo I started in January (thankfully I fired that chemo in June and started a new one). In May, my fantastic sister-in-law Beth set up a meal train for us during the week and the yummy meals started rolling in. I was so thankful to have one less thing to think about. In June school ended and I changed chemo and started cooking again. I didn't really plan, as I had plenty of time to cook and shop. 
Last week, I semi planned and we got through the week. However this week I knew I needed to plan, for realz. I was away Saturday night and stopped at the food store to pick up some chicken and rice for dinner. Travey bbqed it, I had him do an extra piece so I could have it on my salad this week for lunch. 
After dinner I grabbed a pen and paper and told Travey we were meal planning and I needed ideas. He said Shepherd's pie, I said chicken fajitas, he said brats and French fries, I said lasagna, he said meatloaf and I said pizza. I then looked at the calendar to see what we had going on this week and arranged the menu.

Monday-brats, french fries and salad
Tuesday-chicken fajitas (chicken from the big package I bought Sunday)
Wednesday-lasagna and garlic bread (I have one in the freezer I made last month when I was making one for Travey's injured co-worker) and it's chemo night
Thursday- Shepherds Pie (I forgot I have Open House at work, I'll have to make it ahead of time)
Friday-meatloaf, salad and sweet corn
And here we are on Monday and Travey is working late, good thing brats are easy to cook, I ate early!

Nothing to do with meal prep, just beautiful Lake George in July

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I think I'm blogging again

Hey Peeps! I think I'm going to start blogging again after a 5 month break. I've been thinking about doing it for a while. I'll catch you up on what's been happening, but not all today. I've been reading blogs on huge regular, just not doing it. 
A Lake George selfie from earlier his month

Sunday, March 30, 2014

We bought a house

Stuart is still not sure about this moving business, if too many
people visit at once he thinks we are moving again
I know I have been absent and quiet recently. The thing is we just purchased a home!! It's our first and we are so excited, so glad to not be renting! We've been looking since December and have known we wanted this house since January. It's all a long process. Last weekend we bribed our friends and family with food and beer and they helped us move out. We are about 25 minutes from the house we had been living in for the last 5 years. It's about 2 miles from the house I grew up in and 2.5 minutes from my where my parents live now. We've been unpacking and cleaning and trying to make it our own. We haven't put stuff on the walls and are planning to paint when and if it ever warms up here in VT. Winter can't last forever right?
Stuart was not a fan of moving, he clawed, hissed and growled at everyone. He doesn't really like anyone but us. However he seems to be settling in when he's not destroying my plant (which he's never done before).
**edited, it's a week later, I never posted this because I wanted to add pictures and I needed to take them, which I did and never went back to the post to add them and publish.  Week two in our new house, has been busy, unpacking, cleaning, I had to go to a two day training for work, it was my birthday....
Stuart in my car, on the way to the new house

Beautiful wall hanging made of horseshoes by Kirstyn

My kitchen

Living room



Spare room

View from wrap around deck (hurry up and melt snow!)

Inspiring bib holder made by Kelli

There are the few pictures I have.  We plan to paint when it gets warmer and we can decided what colors we want.  Hopefully life slows down a little and I blog more..

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Dreaming of warmer weather
1. After one full week of work last week, I put in a good 2 days this week, two snow days (thank you 2 feet of snow, please melt soon) and a personal day tomorrow, I have a 5 day weekend.  Speaking of snow (I'd rather not) I'm so done with it.  I do not want anymore.  I want warm and spring.  
We are in the lovely purple 12-24 range

2.  The last few books I've read.  
Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles.  This was our book club book.  I liked, but not loved it.  I do like that often in book club, I read books that I wouldn't have normally chose to read.  This book took place in the 1930's in NYC, both a time and place that I am not that familiar with.  As always, book club provided fantastic conversation, friends, food and wine.
Perfect Family, by Pam Lewis.  This book was alright, I could have lived without reading it.  I only finished it because 1. i hate not finishing books, and 2.  i wanted to know who did it, because I wasn't smart enough to figure it out.  Don't go out of your way to read this book.
The First Day of the Rest of my Life, by Cathy Lamb. LOVED IT!
And currently reading This is Where I leave you, by Jonathan Tropper.   So far I'm liking....

3. I'm glad I don't work from home.  I have a hard time being productive.  I do much better having to leave the house to work, when I'm home, I want to do what I want to do.  Also, I was talking to my mom this morning (she works from home) and you don't get snow days when  you work from home, plus I think it would be hard to be a school counselor when you work from home.

How Stuart spends snow days everyday